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    1. TEC «PEROVO MALL», located at 61A Perovskaya st., Moscow is a private territory.
    2. In TEC «PEROVO MALL», 24 hour video surveillance in order to prevent  accidents and and illegal actions.
    3. Employees of the administration of the TEC "PEROVO MALL" have the right to deny access and/or service to visitors without explanation.
    4. Working hours of TEC "PEROVO MALL":
      • Shopping gallery: 1 - 3 floor, from 09.00 to 23.00.
      • Supermarket «Perekrestok»: from 08.00 to 23.00.
      • Cafe «Pizza Hut»: 1 floor, from 10.00 to 23.00.
      • Food court floor:
      • Restaurants «IL Patio» and «Fan Zone», from 10.00 to 23.00.
      • Children’s amusement park Parvik: from 10.00 to 23 00.
    1. To smoke (only in special smoking areas).
    2. To drink alcoholic beverages (except cafes and restaurants).
    3. To bring with you and eat food and alcoholic beverages.
    4. To use drugs.
    5. To be on the territory of TEC drunk or drugged.
    6. To sleep in the food court.
    7. To insult or threaten other visitors to the shopping center, misbehave, shout, run.
    8. Leave children unattended.
    9. Deliberately spoil the property of the Shopping center.
    10. Drop litter.
    11. Conduct commercial / promotional, mass, social, political events (including musical and theatrical performances) without the written permission of the SEC administration.
    12. To be on the territory of the shopping Mall with animals without a leash and muzzle, except guide dogs.
    13. To sit on the floor, staircases, railings, fences and sidewalks.
    14. To leave bags and other personal belongings unattended.
    15. To take commercial photo / video, filming, conduct promotions and events without written approval of the administration of the TEC.
    16. To bring and use flammable, explosive and toxic substances including compressed pressure cylinders.
    17. To move around the shopping Mall using bicycles, roller skates, skateboards and scooters.
    18. To apply inscriptions and stick ads, posters and other products of informational and advertising content without the written permission of the SEC administration.
    19. To be in dirty, stinking clothes, with luggage and  items which can dirty other visitors of shopping Mall.
    20. To litter and spoil devices, equipment, escalators of the shopping and entertainment complex.
  3. Rules. How to use  the escalator in the shopping center "PEROVO MALL"

    Escalator is a technical means of increased danger.

    1. Being on an escalator, it is necessary to stand on the right, in the direction of its movement, to pass from the left side, holding the handrail. Keep young children close. Do not linger when you descend from the escalator.
    2. It is prohibited while using the escalator:
    3. To enter the idle escalator without the permission of workers of TEC PEROVO MALL.
    4. To step on the restrictive line on the steps of the escalator.
    5. To lean against the fixed parts of the escalator.
    6. To put bags and luggage on the escalator steps and handrail.
    7. To sit on the steps of the escalator.
    8. To run on the escalator.
    9. In case of a sudden stop of the escalator, holding the handrail, continue the movement of the escalator in the direction of its movement down or up.
    10. To use the escalator drunk.
  4. How to use the passenger Elevator in the shopping and entertainment complex «PEROVO MALL»
    1. To call the elevator, press the call button. Button illumination is a signal that the call has been received. Upon arrival of the elevator on the floor doors will open automatically.
    2. When entering the cabin with the child, enter first, when leaving, skip the child forward.
    3. While transporting a child in a wheelchair, take it on your hands.
    4. During transport in the Elevator hold their dogs by the collar or on the hands.
    5. It is prohibited when using the Elevator:
    6. To use  the elevator by unsupervised pre-school children.
    7. To smoke.
    8. To carry flammable, explosive and toxic substances in the lift.
    9. To open manually the doors of  the Elevator cabins, to penetrate into the Elevator shaft.
    10. To use the Elevator in case of fire
  5. Rules. How to use the Parking in the shopping center "PEROVO MALL»
    1. TEC "PEROVO MALL" has a multi-level Parking: the Entrance from 61A Perovskaya street.
    2. Parking is allowed only in specially allocated areas and only for visitors to the shopping and entertainment complex "PEROVO MALL".
    3. You are to observe the speed limit - 5 km/h.
    4. Follow the traffic Rules.
    5. Show respect to other participants of traffic on the territory of the Parking.
    6. It is prohibited:
    7. To park vehicles on the roads, outside Parking spaces.
    8. To drop off and pick up passengers in front of the entrances of the shopping Mall. Leave motor transport on the territory of shopping Mall "PEROVO MALL" for the night.
    9. To occupy spaces or prevent the parking of vehicles operated by persons with disabilities.
    10. To dismantle the fence separating the pedestrian area and enter it.
    11. Training riding on cars, motorcycles, Moto-scooters in the zone of Parking "pockets".
    12. To park cars near doors of the auxiliary rooms located in the territory of shopping Mall "PEROVO MALL".
    13. To repair and to carry out maintenance of cars, and also their washing.
    14. To organize any game.
    15. To break the speed limit.
    16. To unload goods from trucks in the car outside the Parking "pocket".
    17. To leave the carts on the roadway.
    18. To drink alcoholic beverages.
    19. To roller skate, skateboard, ride bicycles on roads and in Parking places.
    20. To raise money, distribute leaflets, advertise / promote, trade without the agreement of the administration of the TEC.
    21. To park car the second row, that makes it difficult to move for other drivers and visitors.
    22. To block the zone of discharge/unloading of tenants, freight landing stages, designated for the parking fire engine and other services.
  6. Actions of visitor of PEROVO MALL in case of detection or loss of things
    1. If you find an unattended object immediately inform the administration of the shopping and entertainment complex, located on the 5th floor, personally administrator, by phone 8-495-668-55-32, security officers or any official tenants. Don't open it, don't touch it.
    2. In case of loss of things (documents), please contact the administration of the shopping and entertainment complex, by phone 8-495-668-55-32 specify the date, time and place of loss. Leave your contact information to contact you in case of finding your things.
  7. Employees of the security service of the shopping Mall "PEROVO MALL" have the right to stop, warn or send away from the territory of the shopping and entertainment complex violators of the above rules. In case of material damage, the violator shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.




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    SHOPS 10:00 TO 22:00